Picture of Rancho Viejo Tequila

Rancho Viejo Tequila

Available in gold or Silver.

Made using only the finest Tequila Mixto, Tequila Rancho Viejo is an Authentic Mexican Tequila, produced in Arandas, in the state of Jalisco. Only Blue Webber Agave is used in the production of this tequila and the resulting liquid is skillfully blended to produce a top quality Tequila mixto.

Finished Tequila is a product of the quality and quantity of the Agave plants used, the method of production and the skill of the distiller and blender.

Unlike Mescal which is produced by roasting or cooking the agave pinas in the open in a charcoal pit, Tequila is produced by roasting the Blue Webber agave pinas in a closed stainless steel oven. The resulting 'honey' squeezed from the slowly roasted pinas is not smoky and produces a clean tasting spirit. Tequila Rancho Viejo is full of character and taste, but is smooth on the palate and throat.

Picture of Silver
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