Picture of Harrys Schnapps Mixer Range

Harrys Schnapps Mixer Range

Available in Blue Curaco, Ameretto, Coconut Rum and Forbidden.

Want all the flavour, but don't want to pay the high duties charged in the UK. Then the Harrys range of mixers are for you. Full flavoured mixers produced on a neutral wine base mean that the margins on your cocktails even during happy hour are what Dr Harry ordered.

Harrys Forbidden is a "Taboo" style product ideal for cocktails or as a long drink. Forbidden is a wine based drink made from an alcoholic blend of Peach and Tropical Juices. Contemporary styling of the bottle and label means that Forbidden will not be out of place on the back bar or speed rail in even the most stylish of bars.

Picture of Blue Curaco
Blue Curaco
Picture of Ameretto
Picture of Coconut Rum
Coconut Rum
Picture of Forbidden