Picture of Bear Hug Infusions

Bear Hug Infusions

Available in Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Chocolate, Vodka Espresso, Rum Mango, Rum Wild Berries, Tequila Papaya and Tequila Chilli.

It is the First and Only True Bottled Infusion. Only the best fruit, coffee Beans and Chocolate are infused onto the Five-times distilled American Grain Vodka, Three-times distilled Smooth Platinum, Blue Agave Tequila from Mexico, or the Five-times distilled Plantation Virgin Rum from Barbados. No artificial flavours, No Preservatives or Chemicals added. Just Open, Pour and savour the best tasting product on the market. 

Picture of Vodka Cranberry
Vodka Cranberry
Picture of Vodka Chocolate
Vodka Chocolate
Picture of Vodka Espresso
Vodka Espresso
Picture of Rum Mango
Rum Mango
Picture of Rum Wild Berries
Rum Wild Berries
Picture of Tequila Papaya
Tequila Papaya
Picture of Tequila Chili
Tequila Chili